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We are no longer arranging fixed accommodation packages for our students. It seems (unsurprisingly) that prospective artists are very individualistic people. Last season, no two people arrived on the same day!

We offer our courses on a tuition-only basis. This suits those who prefer to make their own accommodation arrangements. There are many travel companies offering holidays in Spain, and it may well suit you to book your flight and accommodation through one of these.

However, some of our students do ask us to help arrange accommodation for them. We can offer you a range of choices: these vary from staying in a beautifully restored country house, to staying in a 18thC monastery, or a hotel. You choose! Clearly, the range of possibilities varies through the year. Please call us with your requirements and we'll see what we can do.

Here below, we give some details of two near-by options that we can provide and that we would recommend. We have checked both of these personally and are confident that any guest will be delighted.

Posada del Marques

To quote their website, "...This special hotel was once part of a monastery, with a fascinating history, and part of the building is still used by a religious order and you can listen to the Gregorian chants in the church each day. Situated in the town centre of Carrizo, surrounded by gardens and farms, part of the building is now run as a delightful small inn by its current owner, a Marquis and a descendent of the original owner.."

It is very different, 'senorial' style of house. Have a look for yourself or here.

Casa La Forqueta

Casa La Forqueta is a wonderfully restored building in a charming small village, Santa Maria de Ordas. The host and hostess will do their utmost to ensure that your needs are accommodated. and there are a large variety of rooms, suitable for different groups or couples. It's a lovely place as you can see at their website.

Other options

There are many small hotels, restaurants, camp sites - we cannot check them all! So if you see anything that appeals, please go ahead. You could even stay in Leon, which is about 30 minutes away by car. Speaking of cars: you will probably find that hiring a car is advisable to fully explore the region. There can be distinct advantages to booking your hire car with your flight, you will often gain useful discounts. However, we can cater for those without their own transport too!


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