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How to Book a course with us in 2012

To make a booking with us (and escape from the miserable conditions illustrated above), just send us a provisional booking form and the deposit appropriate to the number of people you are booking for. Once we receive a completed booking form together with a deposit of €150 per person per week booked we will make a reservation for you. Upon receipt of cleared funds we will confirm the reservation in writing or by e-mail, as indicated by you. We will hold a provisional reservation open for seven days after a booking has been received by post, e-mail or telephone.

Please don't forget to read our terms and conditions before making a provisional booking, and you may like to check the availability of places for the dates when you want to come before making a provisional reservation.

Booking forms

You can make a provisional booking right here with our on-line form, (please note - form currrently still for 2007, being updated) or print out a paper copy of a booking form and send it to us by post. If you send the form by post please remember to allow at least a week for the return notification to reach you. The forms available here allow for up to four people to be booked as a party.

If you want to book for a group consisting of more than four people, please contact us by e-mail or telephone to discuss your requirements before sending us a booking form. We can make special arrangements for larger groups (for example Art Clubs), with or without their own tutors.

You can go to the on-line booking form right now, or if you prefer a paper copy, you can download a copy in RTF format which can be printed out from many word processors, or a version in PDF format (you will need Acrobat reader which you can download free for various systems or a similar utility to print the PDF version of the form).

If none of these options suit you, you can contact us by telephone or e-mail to discuss your requirements or request our brochure and booking form.

We hope to see you soon!

Would you like to contact us?

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