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The Gallery

Here you can see a few of Marisa's drawings, studies and paintings, in various media and a range of styles: this page will take a while to load if you are accessing it by modem. Select (if using the mouse, click on) the images to see a larger version, which will take some more time to open: use the browser's 'back' button to return to this page.

Please note that the images have been digitized, filtered and greatly compressed for on-line viewing, and the colours will vary according to your monitor. For these reasons the images seen here do not necessarily accurately represent the artist's intentions.

All these images are Copyright © Marisa Martin 2011: All Rights Reserved.

1. Life drawing: Seated figure


Red pencil and black charcoal pencil on paper, 82 cm by 58 cm
[seated figure]

2. Painting: Albert Memorial, Hyde Park


Acrylic on canvas, 145 cm by 100 cm
[Albert Memorial]

3. Painting: Resting figure and child in studio


Acrylic on canvas, 110 cm by 108 cm
[Figure with child]

4. Painting: Self-portrait with lamps


Acrylic on canvas, 80 cm by 80 cm
[Self with lamps]

5. Painting: Fountains


Acrylic on canvas, 260 cm by 260 cm

6: Painting: Monochrome self-portrait


Acrylic on board, 95 cm by 72 cm
[mono self]

7: Life drawing: of a Boy


Pencil and chalk on paper, 55 cm by 65 cm
[resting figure]

8: Painting: Still-life with Menorcan flowers


Acrylic on board, 70 cm by 55 cm
[still life]

9. Painting: The view from my Studio window


Acrylic on canvas, 82 by 66 cm
[small menorcan landscape]

10. Drawing: Self portrait in crayon


Crayon on paper, 55 cm by 40 cm
[self in crayon]

11. Painting: Still life with blue vases


Acrylic on canvas, 70 cm by 77 cm
[still life]

12. Painting: Still life with flowers


Acrylic on canvas, 70 cm by 85 cm
[still life]

13. Painting: Four in One


Acrylic on canvas, 127 cm by 155 cm
[four aspects of woman]


Student Gallery

Some of our students have kindly given their permission for us to show you some of their work: all these works are, of course copyright of the student. These works are in various media and styles. Select (if using the mouse, click on) the images to see a larger version: use the browser's 'back' button to return to this page.

1. Still Life: flowers in sunlight


This was this student's end-of-week work after a one-week course. The student had never painted or drawn before.


Acrylic on board
[student 1]

2. Still Life: flowers in sunlight


This was this student's third painting in acrylics, on the second week of their course. The subject is the same as above, from a different angle.


Acrylic on board
[student 2]

3. Still Life: Fruit and fan


This student enjoyed sketching and drawing, but had not had any formal tuition.  This was their first ever painting in oils, done at the end of their one-week course.


Oil on artboard
[student 3]

4. Still Life: Frutas y cristales


A students' first-ever water-colour. Second week of the course.


Watercolour on paper
[student 4]

5. Still Life: Fruit and cup


This was the student's first attempt at colour acrylic painting (with a restricted palette).


Acrylic on paper
[student 5]

6. Still Life: tonal exercise


This was the student's second monochrome tonal exercise.

Charcoal pencil on paper
[student 6]

7. Still life: oils


This represents the student's first oil painting.


Oil on board
[student 7]

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