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Prices for our Course and Accommodation options

There are many artists and groups offering courses and painting holidays all around the world. The prices charged vary wildly, as do the details of the different offers. Here we set down in some detail what we offer and what it costs.

When comparing the many different offers, it's a good idea to be clear on what exactly you are going to get, and to try and compare like with like! Some courses are full-time, some part-time; some include six days accommodation, some seven - and so on. Moreover, the teaching skill and artistic orientation of course leaders obviously will vary.

At the bottom of this page we've provided a few links to other sites offering a variety of courses and holidays to help you seek out just precisely what you are looking for. Of course, we hope you'll want to come and spend some time with us!

What is included?

All our offers include for one (or two) week courses:

Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details.

What is NOT included?

The following items are NOT included in the price quoted:

Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details.

Price for Tuition

The cost for this is €300 per week of five half-days including lunches and refreshments. If you wish to attend without taking lunch the price is €250 per week. If you'd like two weeks of classes we give you a discount of €50 for the ten half-days teaching.

Please note: Euro Prices

Our price list is now in Euros. We previously gave prices in British Pounds, but since the exchange rate is varying wildly, and our costs are in euros, we can give you a better price by simply stating the cost in euros without trying to build in safety margins for the unforeseeable (which put the price up!). If you are in doubt please call us or e-mail us to check, but the prices given here are intended to be valid until the end of the 2008 season; in the unlikely case that we have to make a change we will notify you of this before you make a firm booking. Prices confirmed at booking will not change (please see our Terms and Conditions ).

How to make a Booking or enquire about accommodation options

To make a booking, you can telephone us or go to the booking page. If you wish to arrange booking of accommodation on your behalf this will be individually priced. Please contact us for further details.

Links to other art holiday providers.

Please compare and contrast our offering with that of other artists and companies...!'s listing for Continental Europe specialise in all aspects of Art Courses and Holidays publish an annual list of art holidays, and have recently revamped their website into a more confusing form...(!)
The Open Directory Project The Open Directory listing for Arts Workshops. Art courses are listed under various illogical categories, unfortunately

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