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Getting to León

There are many different ways to get to León. Since we have only just got here, please regard this information as provisional; we will give more precise information well in advance of the next season.


León does not yet have direct international flights from the UK, though internal flights are available from most hubs. However, multiple airlines fly to Madrid, of course. EasyJet flies to Asturias. It's easy to get to León from each of these airports, by coach, train, or a mix of both. The flying time from Southern UK airports is less than two hours.

A useful way to find suitable flight plus accommodation packages is to go to Please go direct to and search from there.

For flights only, go to the main page and select 'flights' and your departure airport.

By train

There's a lovely route by train from London Waterloo, cross channel to Paris, then the overnight sleeper to Valladolid, and then the express or Talgo to León.

By boat and car or boat and train

The ferries from Portsmouth to Bilbao and Plymouth to Santander make a pleasant start to a break. It's possible to travel as a foot passenger on either, or of course with your car. By car, Bilbao to León is about two hours' drive. Santander is about three hours. For foot passengers, the wonderful narrow gauge Spanish FEVE now goes direct from Bilbao to León, but it's not an express! The same line goes from Santander to León, or there are coaches or normal trains.

Please do remember that our courses normally start on Tuesday and run through to Saturday. If you are not going to arrive and depart on Monday it is essential that you liaise with us in advance so that we can arrange course details accordingly.


We'd like to remind you once more that it is crucially important and very sensible (and a condition of booking) that you take out appropriate holiday insurance for the period of your stay with us. You can book your insurance when you book your flights, from any travel agent or large supermarket or with your own insurer, but you must be insured! UK clients should also get the EHIC (was E111) medical entitlement card (for free or subsidised treatment throughout the EU) well in advance of actually leaving the UK, if you do not already have this - this does not replace holiday insurance!

Hint for UK visitors: take two or three photocopies of the entitlement part of your E111. The E111 does not expire, if you do need to visit a doctor simply show them the original and then hand them one of the photocopies.

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